LOT NO: 1013    meaning Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 150  
"Series IX - XV Lot of 60 notes. Thailand; 1B x22, 5B x5, 10B x1, 20B x3, Polymer 50B x9, 100B x8, 500B x5, 1000B x2 total 55 pcs., face value 5847B & China; Bank of China x5, 1937, $5 & $10; 1940 Chungking, $50 & $100; 1940, $10; mixed condition, inspection recommended, VG.-UNC.(60) SOLD AS IS."
" 9 ֧ 15 ѵèӹǹ 60 Ѻ Сͺ 1. x22 5. x5 10. x1, 20. x3, Polymer 50. x9, 100. x8, 500. x5, 1000. x2 55 Ѻ Ť˹Ҹѵ 5847. лȨչ Bank of China ӹǹ 5 Ѻ Сͺ դ..1937 ԴҤ $5 $10 դ.. 1940 ԴҤ $50 $100 лդ..1940 ԴҤ $10 Ҿл õǨͺ VG.-UNC.(60) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1014    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 20000   Approx: 500  
"Series XIII-XIV total 34 notes; Series XIII 50 Baht Type II Pick#90 signed 62 x16 notes and Series XIV 1000 Baht Pick#92 signed 72 wmk. king's portrait x18 notes, few notes minor stains, light mishandling, AU-UNC.(34) Sold As Is"
13-14 34 Ѻ; 13 ԴҤ 50 ҷ Ẻ 2 Թ-ԨԵ ӹǹ 16 Ѻ 14 ԴҤ 1000 ҷ Թ-ѵ ¹ǧ ӹǹ 18 Ѻ ʹ硹ºҧѺ Ѻҧ AU-UNC.(34) µҾ

LOT NO: 1015    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 28000   Approx: 700  
"Series XIV-XV all notes 100 Baht x 258notes in various signatures, Series XIV #P97 x 254 notes and Series XV x4 notes, few notes mishandling or stains, mostly AU-UNC.(258) Sold As Is"
14-15 ԴҤ 100 ҷ 258 Ѻ ҡ; 14 x254Ѻ 15 x4Ѻ ѺʹҧѺ ǹ˭ AU-UNC.(258) µҾ

LOT NO: 1016    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 125  
"Lot of 15 banknotes; Series IV-IX comprising of Series IV 1b.x1, Series V 50st.x2, 1b.x2, Series VII 1b.x1, 10b.x1, Series VIII 1b.x4, 5b.x2, Series IX 10b.x1 & Provisional issue 1b.x1, folds, stains, inspection recommended. F-AU.(15) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 15 Ѻ 4-9 4 1.x1, 5 50ʵ.x2, 1.x2, 7 1.x1, 10.x1, 8 1.x4, 5.x2, 9 10.x1 & 蹪Ǥ 1.x1 ʹ ¾Ѻ õǨͺ F-AU.(15) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1017    meaning Starting: THB 25000   Approx: 625  
"Lot of 34 banknotes; Series II-VIII comprising of Series II 20b.x2, 100b.x1, Series III 1b.x3, 10b.x3, 20b.x3, Series IV 1b.x2, 10b.x2, 20b.x2, Series V 50st.x3, 10b.x1, 20b.x2, Series VI 20b.x1, Series VII 1b.x2, 5b.x1, 10b.x1 and Series VIII 1b.x2, 5b.x1, 10b.x1 & 20b.x1, inspection recommended, F-VF.(34)"
"ѵ 34 Ѻ 2-8 2 20.x2, 100.x1, 3 1.x3, 10.x3, 20.x3, 4 1.x2, 10.x2, 20.x2 5 50ʵ.x3, 10.x1, 20.x1, 6 20.x1, 7 1.x2, 5.x1, 50.x2 8 1.x2, 5.x1,10.x1 & 20.x1 õǨͺ F-VF.(34)"

LOT NO: 1018    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 50  
"Lot of 4 banknotes; Series V-IX comprising of Series V 20x1, Series VIII 1b.x2 and Series IX 50st.x1, inspection recommended. F-EF.(4)"
"ѵ 4 Ѻ 5-9 5 20x1, 8 1.x2 & 9 50ʵ.x1, õǨͺ F-EF.(4)"

LOT NO: 1019    meaning Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 150  
"Lot of 12 banknotes; Series II-V comprising of Series II 1b.x3, Series III 1b.x2, 10b.x1, 20b.x2, Series IV 1b.x1 & Series V 50st.x1, 1b.x1, 10b.x1 mixture condition, inspection recommended, G-VF.(12) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 12 Ѻ 2-5 2 1.x3, 3 1.x2, 10.x1, 20.x2, 4 1.x1 & 5 50ʵ.x1, 1.x1, 10.x1 Ҿл õǨͺ G-VF.(12) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1020    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 50  
Contemporary Forgery note of Series 8 20Baht #D51250983A in uncirculated condition. Good for study only.(1) SOLD AS IS
Contemporary Forgery note of Series 8 20Baht #D51250983A in uncirculated condition. Good for study only.(1) SOLD AS IS

LOT NO: 1021    meaning Starting: THB 2500   Approx: 62  
"1987-2007 Commemorative notes total 22 notes; 1987 King 60th Birthday 60 Baht x20 notes, P.#93, consecutive sn. 3884261-70 & 3884281-90; King's 80th Birthday 1 Baht, 5 Baht, 10 Baht uncut banknotes sheet x2 notes, with folders, UNC.(22) SOLD AS IS"
"2530-50 ѵ÷֡ӹǹ 22 Ѻ Сͺ 2530 ǧ 60 Ҕ 60 ҷ ӹǹ 20 Ѻ § #3884261-70 #3884281-90 2550 ǧ 80 Ҕ ԴҤ 1 ҷ, 5 ҷ, 10 ҷ Ѵ©Ѻ x2 Ѻ 蹾Ѻ Ҿ UNC.(22) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1022    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 125  
"Lot of 13 notes first prefix, last prefix, join prefix, replacement; Series IXI-XIII comprising of Series IX 20b.x2, Series XI 5b.x2, 10b.x2, Series XIII 50b.x4 and Commemorative; 2002 100th Ann.Thai Banknote 100b.x3, minor stains, mishandling, inspection recommended, AU-UNC.(13) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 13 Ѻ Ǵá Ǵش Ǵ Ǵ 9-13 9 20.x2, 11 5.x2, 10.x2, 13 50.x4 ѵ÷֡ 2545 100 ѵ” 100 .x3 ҧѺʹ硹 Ѻ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ AU-UNC.(13) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1023    meaning Starting: THB 20000   Approx: 500  
"Lot of 149 banknotes; Series IX-XI comprising of Series IX 5b.x40, 10b.x9, 100b.x30, Series X 100b.x10 and Series XI 5b.x60, folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(149) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 149 Ѻ 9-11 9 5.x40, 10.x9, 100.x30, 10 100.x10 11 5.x60 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(149) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1024    meaning Starting: THB 3000   Approx: 75  
"Lot of 15 banknotes; Series IX-XIII comprising of Series IX 100b.x2, Series X 100b.x1, Series XI 10b.x7, 20b.x1, 100b.x2 and Series XIII 50x2, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-EF.(15) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 15 Ѻ 9-13 9 100.x2, 10 100.x1, 11 10.x7, 20.x1, 100.x2 13 50.x2 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-EF.(15) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1025    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 100  
"Lot of 22 banknotes; Series IX 1b.x9, 5b.x8, 10b.x4, & 100x3, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(22) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 22 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 1.x9, 5.x8, 10.x4 100.x3 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-AU.(22) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1026    meaning Starting: THB 15000   Approx: 375  
"Lot of 26 banknotes; Series VIII-XV comprising of Series VIII 1b.x1, 5b.x1, Series IX 50st.x1, 1b.x5, 5b.x3, 10b.x4, 20b.x4, 100b.x4, Series XV 20x1, 50b.x1 and Commemorative 1995 120th Finiance Ministry 10 Bahtx1, folds, mishandling, inspection recommended. EF-UNC.(26) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 20 Ѻ 8-12 8 ԴҤ 1.x1, 5.x1, 9 50ʵ.x1, 1.x5, 5.x3, 10.x4, 20.x4, 100.x4, 15 20.x1, 50.x1 ѵ÷֡ 2538 120 зǧäѧ ԴҤ 10ҷ x1 ҧѺ¾ѺѺ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(26) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1027    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 125  
"Lot of 29 banknotes; Series IX-X comprising of Series IX 1b.x11, 5b.x8, 10b.x2, 20b.x2, 100b.x4 and Series X 100b.x2, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(29) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 29 Ѻ 9-10 9 1.x11, 5.x8, 10.x2, 20.x2, 100.x4 10 100.x2 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-AU.(29) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1028    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 125  
"Lot of 34 banknotes; Series IX 1b.x8, 5b.x4, 10b.x10, 20b.x10, 100x2, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-EF.(34) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 34 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 1.x8, 5.x4, 10.x10, 20.x10 100.x2 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-EF.(34) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1029    meaning Starting: THB 18000   Approx: 450  
"Lot of 362 banknotes; Series IX 50st.x9 nots and 1b.x353 note, various signature, folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(362) Sold As Is."
ѵ 362 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 50ʵ.x9 Ѻ 1.x353 Ѻ ҡ ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-AU.(362) µҾ

LOT NO: 1030    meaning Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 300  
"Lot of 40 banknotes; Series IX-XVI x33 notes and commemorative notes x7 notes in one album, few notes folds or mishandling, face values over 10,000Baht, inspection recommended, VF-UNC.(1 lot 40 notes) Sold As Is"
"ѵ 40 Ѻ 9-16 ӹǹ 33 Ѻ ѵ÷֡ ӹǹ 7 Ѻ èź ҧѺ¾Ѻ Ѻ Ҥ˹ҡ 10,000ҷ õǨͺ VF-UNC (1 ¡ 40Ѻ) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1031    meaning Starting: THB 14500   Approx: 362  
"Lot of 42 Replacement; Series XI-XIII comprising of Series XI 500b.x15, Series XII 10b.x9, 20b.x2, 100b.x9, Series XIII 50b.x2, 500b.x5, stains, folds, mishandling, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(42) Sold As Is."
"Ǵ 42 Ѻ 11-13 11 500.x15, 12 10.x9, 20b.x2, 100.x9, 13 50.x2, 500b.x5 ʹ ¾Ѻ Ѻ õǨͺ ǹ˭ VF-AU.(42) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1032    meaning Starting: THB 22000   Approx: 550  
"Lot of 50 banknotes; Series IX 1b.x10, 5b.x10, 10b.x10, 20b.x10 and 100b.x10, folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly EF-UNC.(50) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 50 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 1.x10, 5.x10, 10.x10, 20.x10 100.x10 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ EF-UNC.(50) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1033    meaning Starting: THB 70000   Approx: 1750  
"Lot of 56 Replacement; Series IXI-XII comprising of Series IX 10b.x2, 20b.x2, Series XI 5b.x4, 10b.x8, 20b.x9, 100b.x18, 500b.x12 and Series XII 10b.x1, minor stains, fold, mishandling, several scarce prefixes, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(56) Sold As Is."
"Ǵ 56 Ѻ 9-12 9 10.x2, 20.x2, 11 5.x4, 10.x8, 20.x9, 500.x12 12 10.x1 ҧѺʹ硹 ¾Ѻ Ѻ յǵԴҩѺ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ AU-UNC.(56) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1034    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 250  
"Lot of 63 banknotes; Series IX-XIV comprising of Series IX 1b.x3, 5b.x3, 10b.x2, Series XI 5b.x2, 10b.x2, 20b.x2, 100x1, 500x1, Series XII 10b.x4, 20b.x6, 100b.x11, Series XIII 50b.x9, Series XIV 100b.x2, 1000b.x4, and Commemorative;1996 Golden Jubilee 50b. polymer x7 & 500b.(paper) x4, folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-UNC.(63) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 63 Ѻ 9-14 9 1.x3, 5.x3, 10.x2, 11 5.x2, 10.x2, 20.x2, 100.x1, 500.x1, 12 10.x4, 20b.x6, 100.x11, 13 50.x9, 14 100.x2, 1000b.x4, ѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ ԴҤ 50 ҷ() x7 & 500.(д)x4 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(63) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1035    meaning Starting: THB 2900   Approx: 72  
"Lot of 115 banknotes from Series X-XIV with various signatures including 10b.x50, 20b.x50, 50b.x10, 100b.x4 & 500b.x1, face value 2,900 Baht, counting are approximate only, mixed condition, inspection recommended, G-AU.(115) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 115 Ѻ ҡ 10-14 ҡ 10.x50, 20.x50, 50.x10, 100.x4 & 500.x1 Ҥ˹ 2,900 ҷ ӹǹѺ»ҳҹ Ҿл õǨͺ G-AU.(115) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1036    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 50  
"Lot of 17 banknotes; Series IXI-XIV comprising of Series IX 1b.x1, 5b.x1, 10b.x2, 20b.x1, 100b.x3, Series X 100b.x2, Series XI 20b.x1, 100b.x1, 500b.x1, Series XII 10b.x2, 100bx1 & Series XIV 100b.x1, folds, stains, inspection recommended, VF-EF.(17) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 17 Ѻ 9-14 9 1.x1, 5.x1, 10.x2, 20.x1, 100.x3, 10 100.x2, 11 20.x1, 100.x1, 500.x1, 12 10.x2, 100.x1 & 14 100.x1 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-EF.(17) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1037    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 20000   Approx: 500  
"Lot of commemorative notes and circulation all notes 50 Baht approx 307 notes from various series and signatures, nice mixture, inspection recommended.(1 lot) Sold As Is"
ѵ÷֡иѵع¹ ԴҤ 50 ҷ ҳ 307 Ѻ ҡ Ҿҡ õǨͺ (1 ¡) µҾ

LOT NO: 1038    meaning Starting: THB 2500   Approx: 62  
"Lot of various 17 commemorative banknotes 2006-2016; 60b.x6, 70b.x4, 100b.x3 and 1,5,10b. uncut x4, with folder, UNC.(17) Sold As Is"
"ѵ÷֡ҡ¨ӹǹ 17 Ѻ 2549-2559; ͧҪ 60 60.x6, ǧ 80 1,5,10. Ѵx4, ǧ 84100.x3 ͧҪ 70 70.x4 蹾Ѻ UNC.(17) µҾ"